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NameAvailable SinceClassification
Joseph Addison06/29/2018EL Set Painter
Ross Anderson06/25/2018Set Painter
Steven Aragno06/05/2018EL Set Painter
Michelle Armitage06/29/2018Set Painter
Roger Asch06/20/2018Set Painter
Ronald B Ashmore06/08/2018Set Painter
John Austin04/18/2018EL Set Painter
Guia Avesani10/27/2017Set Painter
Jeffoto Bacchus06/01/2018Set Painter
Glenn Balderas04/21/2018Set Painter
Victor Balogh04/06/2018Set Painter
Guy Berg07/05/2018Set Painter
Michael Bomar07/02/2018Set Painter
Randy Budka07/02/2018Set Painter
Michael Campbell07/05/2018Set Painter
Robert Carbajal06/27/2018Set Painter
Christina Carlisle02/13/2018Set Painter
Jennifer Carruthers06/29/2018Set Painter
Andrew Carter03/12/2018Set Painter
Arthur Chavez05/01/2018EL Set Painter
Peachy Ciraolo12/21/2017Set Painter
Brad Collins06/01/2018Set Painter
Stuart Cowie05/02/2018Set Painter
Nico Cross06/04/2018EL Set Painter
Adrian Culshaw06/29/2018Set Painter
Luke Dean06/28/2018SP/SW
Kelly Deco05/21/2018Set Painter
Leslie Dicker03/20/2018Set Painter
Dan Dorfer05/07/2018Set Painter
Robert Edwards12/08/2017EL Set Painter
James Eisel06/29/2018Set Painter
Juan (David) Esparza05/15/2018Set Painter
Michael Faretta07/03/2018EL Set Painter
Mike Faretta07/06/2018SP/SW
Jeremy Fasulkey06/28/2018Set Painter
Hector Fernandez05/07/2018Set Painter
Danielle Franks04/19/2018EL Set Painter
Dylan Franks04/19/2018Set Painter
Cory Gates06/22/2018Set Painter
Anthony Gaudio07/03/2018Set Painter
Serge Genitempo07/03/2018Set Painter
Greg Ginsburg06/11/2018Set Painter
Albert Goelz, III06/27/2018EL Set Painter
Nicole Goldstein05/16/2018EL Set Painter
Kyle Griffith03/26/2018EL Set Painter
Jill Haber04/25/2018Set Painter
Robert Hale06/29/2018Set Painter
Dino Hamilton07/02/2018Set Painter
Mitchell Hammer04/25/2018Set Painter
Erica Hanson06/27/2018EL Set Painter
Brigitte Heichelbech07/05/2018Set Painter
Cheryl Hermosillo03/26/2018Set Painter
Hector Hernandez07/05/2018Set Painter
Wesley Hoover06/01/2018EL Set Painter
Roanne Horwich06/04/2018EL Set Painter
Bo Hrupcho06/04/2018Set Painter
Mark A. Hudson06/22/2018Set Painter
Neale Hughes07/03/2018Set Painter
Peter Ibarra07/03/2018EL Set Painter
Lita Isumu02/16/2018Set Painter
Camden Jenkins02/26/2018EL Set Painter
Wendy Jerde06/19/2018Set Painter
Richard Kash06/04/2018EL Set Painter
Kris Kettenburg06/15/2018EL Set Painter
Nancy Knight06/18/2018Set Painter
Robert Knight06/18/2018SP/SW
Tim Knoll03/28/2018Set Painter
Jay Koiwai04/24/2015Set Painter
Austin Landis06/29/2018EL Set Painter
Gregory Landis04/24/2018EL Set Painter
Marcus Larsen03/03/2018Set Painter
Jeff Law06/01/2018Sign Writer
Daniel Lawrence06/28/2018EL Set Painter
Leslie Lawson04/03/2018Set Painter
Clifford Le Cuyer06/27/2018Set Painter
Carl Ledsworth07/02/2018Set Painter
Jacqueline Li05/31/2018EL Set Painter
David Lopez06/11/2018Set Painter
Rafael Lopez, Jr04/25/2018EL Set Painter
Robert Lord06/15/2018SP/SW
Michael Madison02/27/2018Set Painter
Phillip Maldonado04/06/2018EL Set Painter
Andrew Mancilla06/08/2018EL Set Painter
Wayde Mangiarelli05/05/2018EL Set Painter
Stacy Marroquin06/05/2018EL Set Painter
Sean Mason05/05/2018EL Set Painter
Anthony Mckeown12/11/2017Set Painter
Alma Mclay07/02/2018Set Painter
Katherine Moore07/05/2018Set Painter
Connor Morris06/28/2018EL Set Painter
Christopher Myers06/08/2018EL Set Painter
Ricky Nunnally05/23/2018Set Painter
Anna Marie O-Connell04/02/2018Set Painter
Sue O-Conor06/20/2018Set Painter
Jake Ogle05/07/2018Set Painter
Lucien Pajolec06/27/2018EL Set Painter
Doreen Parker06/11/2018SP/SW
Jeremy Parris04/25/2018Set Painter
Charles Peck, Jr.,06/29/2018SP/SW
Brys Perez06/04/2018Set Painter
Sandra "Marcy" Perez04/17/2018EL Set Painter
Portia Perry03/20/2018Set Painter
Rodney Pickens07/02/2018SP/SW
Cody Piercy12/11/2017Set Painter
Reginald Piert05/25/2018Set Painter
Matthew Plummer06/04/2018Set Painter
Jennifer Preston06/20/2018EL Set Painter
Richard Radillo05/14/2018Set Painter
Scott Ramey04/16/2018Set Painter
Hans Ramm, Jr06/19/2018Set Painter
Donald Reibert, Jr.,07/03/2018EL Set Painter
Christine Reifer04/11/2018Set Painter
Franklin Rodriguez03/23/2018Set Painter
Leslie Ross06/22/2018Set Painter
Michael P Ryan07/06/2018Set Painter
Vincent Scavo06/06/2018EL Set Painter
Jay Schmidt06/04/2018Set Painter
Jena Smith06/17/2018EL Set Painter
Michael Smith06/29/2018Set Painter
Preston Smith05/17/2018EL Set Painter
Adrian St. Clair07/05/2018Set Painter
Paul Stanwyck04/24/2018Set Painter
Jason Stuart06/22/2018EL Set Painter
Sean Sult02/26/2018SP/SW
Nicholas Tennant07/06/2018Set Painter
Esteban Terceros05/04/2018EL Set Painter
Marcelino Tinajero06/28/2018EL Set Painter
Doug Tjaden04/25/2018Set Painter
Chad Tomes03/05/2018EL Set Painter
John Tonkovich11/08/2017EL Set Painter
Jesse Torres06/28/2018Set Painter
William Tracy06/25/2018EL Set Painter
Tina Tranghese06/07/2018EL Set Painter
Bart Travis01/15/2018Set Painter
Mark "Shane" Unkrich07/03/2018Set Painter
Paul Valdes04/25/2018Set Painter
Kevin Valentine05/18/2018Set Painter
Christopher Ward06/18/2018EL Set Painter
Sean Ward06/04/2018EL Set Painter
Priscilla Watson05/07/2018EL Sign Writer
Richard Webb06/20/2018Set Painter
Kyle White06/12/2018EL Set Painter
Robert Williams06/04/2018Set Painter
Joseph Wittenberg06/29/2018Set Painter
James Workman04/23/2018Set Painter
Jason Yates06/04/2018Apr. Sign Writer
Willow Yost06/04/2018SP/SW
Milan Zelko05/16/2018Set Painter
Phil Zingelewicz06/15/2018Set Painter

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California IATSE Council Statement on SB 951


Today, June 27, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law legislation that extends the current California Film and Television Tax Credit Program 2.0 through 2025.  In 2014, the California IATSE Council (CIC), joined by the other Guilds and Unions, successfully fought for 2 years to get a bill passed to create this incentive program. We knew our members were hurting and we would not let up fighting until film and television production came back home to California.  At the time we told the California Legislature that if they passed the incentive bill, production would return.  And we were right. But we probably don’t need to tell you that.  More than 45,000 cast and crew have been re-employed or employed on the 150 film and television productions that got the incentive.  That’s $2.3 billion in wages paid to you and to other below-the-line men and women.  And we have also brought back $5.9 billion to the state economy.   

While the current program does not expire until 2020, we all know that producers make production decision a year or more in advance.  We did not want to wait until the last minute to go for a renewal.  We knew it was important to act now so that work would be here past 2020.  Starting last year, the CIC began its work to pass new legislation to extend the current program.  And we are thrilled to announce that we have succeeded.  Legislators thought our bills was so important, they attached it to the State’s 2018 budget. 

We owe thanks to the two members of the Legislature who carried our water: Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon and Senate Holly Mitchell. It was their bills, and their guidance that resulted in this success; to the Senate and Assembly Leadership who made the final decision to put us in the budget - Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon; and to Governor Jerry Brown who signed it into law.

The CIC was not alone in this fight and we recognize the efforts of our sisters and brothers in DGA, Teamsters, Laborers and SAG AFTRA who worked side by side with us.  

Most of all we owe thanks to you – especially the many members who turned out to have their photos taken or signed “thank you” cards to the elected representatives in Sacramento.

Our effort to pass this extension may be concluded but our work is just beginning.  And we know you’ll be there with us as we work to create a strong, vibrant, and diverse Film and Television workforce throughout our Golden State.


As we said throughout this campaign, Keep Filming in California!







Jason Pimentel, Chiropractic doctor has over 15 years of experience in treating the following problems:

Upper and lower back problems. Leg cramps. Arthritic problems in the feet. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Stiff neck, lack of mobility. Headaches.

Dr. Pimentel is contracted with the Motion Picture Health Plans. If for any reason benefits have been terminated, chiropractic treatment will cost $30.00 per visit.

Retirees: Often retirees no longer have medical benefits—when that is the case chiropractic treatment will cost $30.00 per visit. 

Retirees: Dr. Pimentel welcomes your calls, and takes time to discuss your medical problems on the phone.





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