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Gunnar Ahmer04/19/2017EL Set Painter
Ryan Alliston06/23/2017Set Painter
Diana Anctil05/01/2017SP/SW
Steven Aragno03/27/2017EL Set Painter
Roger Asch04/11/2017Set Painter
Ronald B Ashmore05/26/2017Set Painter
Victor Balogh06/20/2017Set Painter
Jason Banks06/02/2017Set Painter
Jack Bayze03/27/2017EL Set Painter
Adam Becerra05/05/2017EL Set Painter
Guy Berg04/06/2017Set Painter
Ara Bosnoyan05/19/2017Set Painter
Cody Bowden05/23/2017EL Set Painter
Toby Boyer06/02/2017EL Set Painter
Joanne N. Brown05/12/2017SP/SW
Matthew Brown04/18/2017EL Set Painter
Zara Bucci03/01/2017EL Set Painter
Randy Budka03/31/2017Set Painter
Christina Carlisle04/17/2017Set Painter
Jennifer Carruthers04/13/2017Set Painter
Marcus Cetani06/15/2017Set Painter
Sergio Choi06/14/2017EL Set Painter
Dante' Ciolfi06/08/2017Set Painter
Elias Crabtree05/05/2017EL Set Painter
Mike Daigle04/18/2017Set Painter
Ethan Denne05/04/2017Set Painter
Tyson Dolan06/02/2017SP/SW
Aaron Dornhoefer06/08/2017Set Painter
William Dorsey, Jr05/02/2017Set Painter
Uschi Ehret03/29/2017Set Painter
Mike Ellis06/12/2017Set Painter
Juan (David) Esparza05/22/2017Set Painter
Duane Fellows06/15/2017Set Painter
Logan Fils03/10/2017EL Set Painter
Alexis Flores06/02/2017EL Set Painter
Ryan Foti06/20/2017Set Painter
Dylan Franks04/07/2017Set Painter
Sean Gastil06/01/2017Set Painter
Cory Gates04/21/2017Set Painter
Gerald Gates06/07/2017SP/SW
Richard Genovese04/03/2017EL Set Painter
Simon Georgiou04/20/2017Set Painter
Brandon Gilgen06/19/2017Set Painter
Nicole Goldstein03/28/2017EL Set Painter
Jonathan Guzman05/30/2017EL Set Painter
Mark Guzman05/16/2017Set Painter
Dino Hamilton04/05/2017Set Painter
Donald E. Hansford06/05/2017SP/SW
Derrick Harper04/25/2017Set Painter
Derrick Harper Jr05/04/2017EL Set Painter
Brigitte Heichelbech06/15/2017Set Painter
Hugo Hernandez05/17/2017Set Painter
John Dee Hinkle05/23/2017Set Painter
Michael Holcomb04/21/2017Set Painter
Michelle Hudson03/27/2017Set Painter
Gordon Huggins06/21/2017Set Painter
Fred Jackson04/05/2017EL Set Painter
Jeffrey Jackson04/28/2017Set Painter
Wendy Jerde06/10/2017Set Painter
Alan Jergens05/31/2017Set Painter
Suzan Katcher05/04/2017Set Painter
Joe Kelley06/06/2017Set Painter
Grace Kelsey05/02/2017EL Set Painter
Kyle Kilty06/15/2017Set Painter
Jay Koiwai04/24/2015Set Painter
Nicholas Kuechenberg03/10/2017Set Painter
Richard Lafferty06/22/2017Set Painter
Joe Lascala04/21/2017Set Painter
Tyson Laurent03/29/2017Set Painter
Clifford Le Cuyer04/03/2017Set Painter
Carl Ledsworth04/25/2017Set Painter
Jana Lehman04/19/2017Set Painter
Tony Locci06/21/2017Set Painter
Katie Logerot06/01/2017Set Painter
Willie Long05/23/2017Set Painter
Guillermo Lopez05/30/2017Set Painter
Jose C Lopez04/12/2017Set Painter
Rafael Lopez, Jr04/16/2017EL Set Painter
Eddie Lozano04/21/2017Set Painter
Travis Lungren06/16/2017Set Painter
Kimberly Lyons05/23/2017Set Painter
Mike Madison04/28/2017Set Painter
Christopher Magallanes06/09/2017Set Painter
Phillip Maldonado04/03/2017EL Set Painter
Frank Markovic03/24/2017Set Painter
Lori Marks05/04/2017Set Painter
Carlos Martinez06/02/2017Set Painter
Rodolfo "Rudy" Martinez04/10/2017Set Painter
Sergio Martinez05/01/2017Set Painter
Adriano Marzorati04/11/2017EL Set Painter
Sean Maytum06/22/2017Set Painter
Charles E. Mccauley05/25/2017Set Painter
Travis McDowell03/29/2017EL Set Painter
Anthony Mckeown06/02/2017Set Painter
Robert Misetich06/12/2017Set Painter
Katherine "MARMOT" Moore05/22/2017Set Painter
Kyle Morey06/19/2017Set Painter
Marcos Moro04/10/2017EL Set Painter
Beth Norton05/04/2017Set Painter
Anna Marie O-Connell04/03/2017Set Painter
Timmy Orchard06/07/2017Set Painter
David Orszag12/13/2016Set Painter
George Palazzo06/22/2017Set Painter
John Passanante03/31/2017Set Painter
Jean-Pierre Patie03/31/2017SP/SW
Pia Pedersen04/17/2017Set Painter
Mario Perez06/09/2017Set Painter
Ruben Perez06/06/2017Set Painter
Robert Perez, Jr03/31/2017Set Painter
Travis Pinn04/20/2017Set Painter
Biagio Puccia06/01/2017Set Painter
Richard Radillo06/14/2017Set Painter
Karen Renee06/15/2017Set Painter
Scott Reos05/19/2017Set Painter
Tyler Robertson06/15/2017Set Painter
Danny Ronay05/21/2017Set Painter
James Ryan05/16/2017Set Painter
Michael P Ryan06/20/2017Set Painter
Jennifer Salbino06/12/2017Set Painter
Manuel Sanchez06/19/2017SP/SW
Randolph Sanchez06/19/2017Set Painter
Kevin Sater12/29/2016Set Painter
William Sherk05/11/2017Set Painter
Paul Sison06/12/2017EL Set Painter
Michael Smith03/16/2017Set Painter
Peter Smith04/06/2017EL Set Painter
Anthony Soto05/24/2017EL Set Painter
Michael Sparks, Jr03/04/2017EL Set Painter
Jason Stuart03/23/2017EL Set Painter
Eric Tapia04/17/2017Set Painter
Ethan Thomas06/07/2017Set Painter
Chad Tomes03/28/2017EL Set Painter
Leonard Trujillo05/09/2017Set Painter
Bruce Valdes03/28/2017Set Painter
Esteban Valles05/01/2017Set Painter
Matthew Vargas04/19/2017EL Set Painter
George Vielma04/20/2017Set Painter
Kathryn Villeneuve06/13/2017Set Painter
Amy Wadsworth04/27/2017Set Painter
Tom Watson04/07/2017Set Painter
Merrick Wells03/28/2017EL Set Painter
Maret Wicken05/09/2017Set Painter
Robert Williams04/21/2017Set Painter
Carly Wilson04/05/2017EL Set Painter
Lisa Winick03/14/2017Sign Writer
Joseph Wittenberg05/19/2017Set Painter
Blaise Wyatt03/23/2017EL Set Painter
Phil Zingelewicz06/23/2017Set Painter


Jason Pimentel, Chiropractic doctor has over 15 years of experience in treating the following problems:

Upper and lower back problems. Leg cramps. Arthritic problems in the feet. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Stiff neck, lack of mobility. Headaches.

Dr. Pimentel is contracted with the Motion Picture Health Plans. If for any reason benefits have been terminated, chiropractic treatment will cost $30.00 per visit.

Retirees: Often retirees no longer have medical benefits—when that is the case chiropractic treatment will cost $30.00 per visit. 

Retirees: Dr. Pimentel welcomes your calls, and takes time to discuss your medical problems on the phone.





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