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Mike Alfonso10/17/2017Set Painter
Guia Avesani10/18/2017Set Painter
Victor Balogh10/11/2017Set Painter
Carrie Brody10/19/2017Set Painter
Zara Bucci10/11/2017EL Set Painter
Skip Calta10/20/2017Set Painter
Natalie Cross10/11/2017Set Painter
Martha Higgins10/20/2017Set Painter
Alan Jergens10/19/2017Set Painter
Douglas Johnson10/16/2017Set Painter
Jay Koiwai04/24/2015Set Painter
Joshua Kroll10/17/2017EL Set Painter
Tony Locci10/13/2017Set Painter
Wayde Mangiarelli10/18/2017EL Set Painter
Sergio Martinez10/13/2017Set Painter
Adriano Marzorati10/11/2017EL Set Painter
Anthony Mckeown10/16/2017Set Painter
David Orszag10/13/2017Set Painter
Thibault Pelletier10/16/2017EL Set Painter
Reginald Piert10/19/2017Set Painter
Alonso Ramirez10/10/2017EL Set Painter
Karen Renee10/13/2017Set Painter
Ingrid Rofkar10/10/2017SP/SW
Michael P Ryan10/12/2017Set Painter
Jena Smith10/14/2017EL Set Painter
Adrian St. Clair10/16/2017Set Painter
Marcelino Tinajero10/20/2017EL Set Painter
John Tonkovich10/17/2017EL Set Painter
Therese Whitten10/19/2017Apprentice
Milan Zelko10/19/2017Set Painter

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Jason Pimentel, Chiropractic doctor has over 15 years of experience in treating the following problems:

Upper and lower back problems. Leg cramps. Arthritic problems in the feet. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Stiff neck, lack of mobility. Headaches.

Dr. Pimentel is contracted with the Motion Picture Health Plans. If for any reason benefits have been terminated, chiropractic treatment will cost $30.00 per visit.

Retirees: Often retirees no longer have medical benefits—when that is the case chiropractic treatment will cost $30.00 per visit. 

Retirees: Dr. Pimentel welcomes your calls, and takes time to discuss your medical problems on the phone.





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